How do I charge a deposit for bookings?


    The system allows you to charge a deposit at the time of booking, and you can configure the amount or percentage you want to charge through the Tax/Deposit section of the Product setup.

    Deposit Rules are setup per product (rental / room / tour).  To configure, go to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select your product (Edit) - Tax/Deposit.

    On this page, you'll see the Reservation Deposit section with the deposit options.  You have the following options for deposit:

    • No Deposit: No payment required at the time of booking.
    • No Deposit, Credit Card Hold: No payment at the time of booking, but credit card is entered to be held on file until arrival.
    • Full: Full payment required at the time of booking. No deposit required. 
    • First Day / First Hour: Required deposit will be the pricing for first day or first hour.
    • Fixed: Required deposit will be a fixed deposit amount.
    • Percent: Required deposit will be a fixed percentage of total booking cost.
    • Percent Minimum: Required deposit will be the greater of either a fixed percentage or fixed deposit amount.
    • Custom / Staggered: Required deposit will be either a fixed or percentage, but final balance can be set to charge automatically before arrival.

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