How do my customers make bookings online?


    The online booking calendar allows for your customers to seamlessly make a booking directly through your website using the booking widget. 

    Customers will navigate to the Reservations or Booking page on your website, and select the rental they want to reservation by choosing the Book Now button by that rental (or room or tour).

    Calendar - Date/Time Selection

    The next page is where they will select the dates / times of booking.  Included below are images of the various calendar views that are available.  It will vary based on your industry and setup.

    Hourly Calendar (bike, boat rentals)

    Daily/Nightly Calendar (rentals, lodging)

    Schedules Calendar (tours, activities, events)

    Options (Add-ons) selection

    If you have Add-ons or Custom Text fields/questions then these will show on the Options page.  Customers will select their choices here.

    Shopping Cart / Rate Details

    Click Next to get the the Shopping Cart page in the checkout.  Here your customers will see a breakdown of what they booked including pricing.  It is on this page where customers can enter any Voucher, Promo, or Gift Card codes.  

    Note: Customer can use the Continue Shopping button at the bottom at add additional rentals to their booking, or select Checkout to finish the booking.

    Customer Information

    Customers will fill out their name, phone, email, and additional required details here. 

    Payment Information

    Customers will enter their payment details below Customer Information.

    Confirm Reservation / Terms & Conditions

    This is the final page in the booking process where the customer will accept any Terms & Conditions that you have included, and Book.

    Once the booking is completed, they will see this final page.  A confirmation email will be emailed to them within a few minutes.  In addition, you will receive an email alerting you that a booking has been made.  Further, when you log into your WebReserv account, you will see the booking details on the Home page.

    That's it!  As you can see, it's a seamless booking process for your customer's.  They will certainly appreciate the convenience and ease of booking online.

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