How do I connect my QuickBooks Merchant Services account to WebReserv?


    If you have a QuickBooks Merchant Services account, follow the steps below to connect the account to your WebReserv account.

    In your WebReserv account, navigate to Setup - Business Information - Payments.

    1. In the Payment Processing section, select the checkbox for Creditcard - Autoprocess.

    2. in the Accepted Credit Card section, select the card types that you will accept (e.g. Visa, MC, Amex).

    3. In the Advanced Options section, select the setting choices that apply. Default options are indicated as the most common settings.

    Next, in the Payment Gateway section, select the 'click here' link that says, "If you are using Quickbooks Merchant Services, please click here to link to Quickbooks Merchant Services".  

    This will open up a new browser where you will log into your QuickBooks account, and make the connection.

    After you log in, you'll have to option to Create a New Connection.  Here you can add the info.  Once you've added the connection, log out of QuickBoooks, and return back to WebReserv.  

    Next, to ensure the setup was done correctly, you should enter a test transaction.

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