How do I search for bookings in the system?


    There are several ways you can find existing bookings through the system.

    Frontdesk - Reservations

    To locate an existing reservation go to Frontdesk - Reservations - Find Reservation, or find the links in the upper right of the page, select Find/View/Change reservations 

    On this screen you can select different search criteria for the reservation.

    • Name of Product
    • Start Date and/or End Date
    • Reservation Code
    • Last Name
    • Email address
    • Company name
    • Status (Confirmed, Pending, etc.)
    • Balance

    You can also choose how you want to sort the results, either descending or ascending by Start date/time or Reservation date/time (date the booking was made).

    In addition, you can use the Quick Search links to find recent bookings quickly:

    Enter as much search information as possible and click View to find the reservation(s).

    The Search Result will show all bookings based on the criteria.  To view a booking, click on the Reservation Code link.


    Home Page

    When you log into WebReserv, you will land on the Home page which will display all recent reservations.  You can click on the Reservation Code to view the booking.



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