Setting up Rates: Rate Lists


    Rate Lists are used to specify the rates for your inventory.  A rate list is valid for a certain date range and this allows you to have different rates for different seasons, such as high season and low season.

    If your rates don't change throughout the year, you will need just one standard rate list.

     This section will explain how to:

    • Access the Rate List
    • Edit, Copy or Delete a rate list(s)
    • Add a new rate list
    • Enter rates into a Rate List

    Your WebReserv account comes set up with a Standard Rate List.  In most cases, this rate list can be used for all your rates for your inventory.  By default, this rate list is valid for two years, but you can easily edit this shorter by adjusting the Valid From and Valid To dates.  If your rates change from year to year or if you have different rates for different times of the year, then you will want to create a new rate list.

     Accessing the rate lists 

    To access your rate lists, navigate to Setup - Rates.

    Editing, Copying, or Deleting a Rate List

    From the rate list table, you can click on the Edit button to open that rate list to add rates or make changes to your rates.  You can also copy or delete a rate list by clicking on the Copy or Delete button.  

     Important! If you delete a rate list, it cannot be recovered.  If you need to make adjustments or edits to previous bookings then it's recommended to not delete rate lists. 

    Add a rate list

    If your rates change per season, or per year, then you'll want to create new rate lists in the system.  You can Copy and existing rate list, and then edit the Valid Dates and Rates, or you can create a new list from scratch. 

    Note: It is not necessary to create a Rate List for each product as all your products will be listed in every rate list.

    To add a new rate list, click Add rate list. Fill in the details as described below. 

    • Name: Enter Name for Rate List - should define period of time such as "2019 Rates".
    • Description: Required field to provide additional information about the rate list.
    • Valid Dates: Enter Valid From and Valid To dates.

    Select Save and continue to enter the pricing for each of your products. 

    Entering rates into a Rate List

    The rate list has a grid of rates. The grid has rate categories at the top and products on the left side. The rates are defined within each cell in the grid.

    You'll enter the corresponding rate in each field.  If a product doesn't have a corresponding rate for that category (i.e. Cabin does not have Hourly rates), then leave the field blank.




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